About Us

Who We Are

Safe places Uganda- Foundation is a social enterprise aimed at improving the mental health of the people in Uganda through various Advocacy initiatives and provision of mental Health services


An inclusive society where rights of persons with Mental Health illness and related challenges are respected and they enjoy better health care and quality of life


To improve the Mental Health and wellbeing of children and youth in Uganda


To build a society that values Mental Health and is free of any Related stigma.

Dignity : We believe that persons with Mental Health challenges need to be respected, supported and included in society
Always Hopeful: We believe in the possibility of recovery from all illnesses even the lifelong mental illnesses
Youth and children centered: We believe that children and young people with Mental Health challenges have high potential to contribute to the sustainable development of the country if given the right support.
Anti-Stigma: We will challenge any stigma towards people with mental health challenges and promote positive attitudes to mental health.
Partnership: We are committed to partnerships and collaborations with government agencies, International development organizations, NGOs, various service providers, patrons, and well wishers
■ To advocate for increased access to quality mental health care services in Uganda.
■ To generate information through research and situation analyses in Mental Health and related topical issues to inform good evidence based interventions and programming.
■ To advocate for;
  1. increased access to quality mental health care services,
  2. increased Early childhood Development(ECD) initiatives,
  3. a supportive mental Health legal regulatory framework and
  4. a stigma free society in Uganda.
■ To provide treatment and Rehabilitation for mental illnesses, Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance addictions, as well as psychosocial support to persons and communities affected.
■ To provide legal advisory in the mental Health sphere and create strategic partnerships for the betterment of Mental Health in Uganda
■ To develop and strengthen systems and procedures for improved delivery of Mental Health services in Uganda.