Safe places Uganda treatment centre:

Out patient Mental Health services

  • Psychological and Mental Assessments
  • Counseling(Individual, family, Group)
  • HIV/Aids testing and HIV/Aids Counseling
  • Therapy (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy)

Addiction treatment services

  • In-patient Programme
  • Outpatient Programme
  • Family Programme


Medical Outreaches

Annual Mental Health Camp and Community Outreach Programs.

Safe places Uganda- Foundation, organizes a free annual Mental Health camp for all interested persons where a multidisciplinary team comprising of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pediatricians, Therapists, General Doctors, Nurses and Counselors offers a wide range of services. We also organize smaller community outreach programs

Services offered at the Mental Health camps include;

  • Free consultation and Diagnosis
  • Free General body examination and Anthropometry measurements
  • Free review of therapy effectiveness
  • Free counseling
  • Free Career guidance and counselling
  • Information sharing regarding all mental Health

Psycho-social  support programs.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

SPU-foundation in conjunction with HYLO(  hosts a monthly meeting (Every first Thursday of the month) for family and friends of addicts and recovering addicts.

A guest speaker is invited to share with the participants on the chosen topic of discussion.

Experience sharing and Inquiries is also catered to

Work Force Clinic

SPU-foundation organizes a monthly clinic where we offer counselling services and consultation to working individuals. The service is free to the individuals and it runs every last Friday of the month.

SPU- Foundations hosts fora of ;

Parents and Guardians of special Needs children

Victims of Gender Based Violence(GBV) and Early pregnancy fellowships.



Youth skilling  and Empowerment

  • Recovering Youth: Often times these youth don’t finish their studies and need a new skill set upon rehabilitation to enable them acquire meaningful employment
  • Children of Addicts and Long term mentally ill persons: These children lead a hopeless life because of the status of their parents. They miss out on nurturing, education and are exposed to risky situations which may lead to substance abuse and or HIV/AIDS infections
  • Young mothers: This is another vulnerable group of people who often faces mental health challenges dues to the stress related to maternal duties. They need a lot of support and empowerment

Upon identification through various channels from low income areas in a particular region, the people of interest are taken through counseling , psychological assessments before training in the appropriate area is  imparted. We offer training in soft skills including attitude and behavioral change, vocational training through  industrial placement with partner companies. It sets the youth on the path of recovery and prevents HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies,  infection, addictions and relapse among others.